About Us

Company Profile

SEAT LEISURE TRAVEL AND TOURS, has been operational in Manila since 2010. However, due to change of Management, the former was born on March 2016 to a sole proprietorship. With the owner’s determination and dedication, it has continued to strive and gain confidence of clients, mostly travel agencies, FITs, and corporate.

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Our Vision

To deliver personalized service and exceed customer's expectations.

Our Mission

To offer cost-effective travel without compromising ones’ hard earned money and to come up with strategic plans to meet the growing demand of the industry in an efficient manner.

Market Analysis

Despite tough competitions in the industry, the owner believes travel business is still upward considering the 7641 islands in the Philippines alone. Needless to say the booming international destinations for savvy local travelers abroad. As the client is at the office’s doorstep, SEAT LEISURE has so much to offer to the guests.

The company does not only focus on high end earner individual but more so the middle and low income individual who dream of traveling within their budget without compromising their hard earnings. Our corporate and individual clients are mostly referred thru word of mouth who had experienced a personalized, reliable and impeccable service.

Our Office Base

Located at 3/F, 160 CAYETANO BLVD, USUSAN, TAGUIG ( Same Building with BDO and Bank Of Makati )